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Since 2015, we have helped over 50 startups grow their businesses and pursue partnership opportunities with financial institutions and technology companies.

Participating startups are featured in our Emerging Fintech Directory and Demo Library which are accessible through a subscription to Bank Automation News Premium Plus. A selection of startups are recommended, based on analysis of startups by the Bank Automation News team. Those recommended startups are denoted in the Emerging Fintech Directory.


We understand that many startups have limited marketing resources and need to connect to financial institutions for business advancement. Fintech Discovery is a platform that connects and markets startups with the Bank Automation News ecosystem of financial institutions, investors and potential partners.

Startups in the Fintech Discovery network are listed in the Emerging Fintech Directory, have the opportunity to participate in demo events, gain exposure to thousands of financial services executives through on-site branding, and much more.

We provide startups with networking and marketing support in one place and at no cost. Apply to join the Fintech Discovery network below.

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